Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Paranormal activity & fuit mince pies...

Hey everybody hope you are all well.
Just a little post to let you know where i'm at.
Today i went to the movies to see paranormal activity. I was really excited because i love scary movies. Although most of the movie was kind of boring and kind of not really scary, the end freaked me out so much that me and my best friend Pearl (who frequently screamed throughout the whole movie making all of us laugh) leaned into eachother and bumbed heads. Ahaha, anyway, if you are unsure whether to see it or not, i would reccomend waiting till it comes out on dvd if you want a good scare, because it is kind of hard to get freaked out in a cinema full of people that are laughing, talking and pretending to be scared. Just a thought :) I think if i was home alone watching that movie at night I wouldnt go to sleep that night. Seriously, because it's a true story....

I like images like this that really bring out the red. I forget where i got this from, sorry. :(

Enough about scary movies, haha. On another note I thought i would share that I am very into the fruit mince pies at the moment. My dad brought some home (from coles, i know) and i didn't think i would like them but discovered i did! So i was just wondering if anyone has any recipes they could suggest because I would love to give it a go at making it, as it is the season! It would be great if you could. :)

So I guess that's enough about me now.
What has everybody else been up to?


  1. hello darling!
    lol my head still hurts :'(
    i am just about to make some fruit mince pies actually!
    i have a recipe that i shall give to you if you want but i just buy the mince stuff in a jar (lazy i know) and do the whole pastry bit myself :)
    they are super yummy!!!
    love you,
    Pearl xo

  2. I didn't have the guts to see it! My sister did, and was relatively unimpressed, but she has a weird tolerance for horror movies. Lucky you, finding the pies!

  3. thanks for visiting my blog, your blog is really cute, I am going to follow you :)

    I'm still unsure whether or not I'm going to watch paranormal activity the adverts freaked me out. I get so much more freaked out in movies that were based on a true story.


thankyou for your lovely words, you all inspire me :) X