Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ginger Lilly Tea,

Just thought I should share another photographer that I discovered and really like. Keri-Anne's (of Ginger Lilly Tea) images all have this dreamy kind of hazy feel about them. It's like there is a whole other would about them and i want to jump in and be a part of it.

You can buy prints of some photo's off her etsy shop here, or browse her flikr page here.
It is currently thundering a bit here at home. Hopefully we get a thunderstorm, i love the sound of thunder, the flash of lightning and the sound of raindrops pounding agianst the roof and soaking into the ground. But just like all the time lately, it probably won't happen.
I hope everyone has a nice night. XX b


  1. Ah I love Ginger Lilly Tea :).
    And thunderstorms!
    I love falling asleep listening to them.

  2. She's a magical photographer, indeed.

  3. oh thank you so so much for your lovely words and for featuring me :) xx


thankyou for your lovely words, you all inspire me :) X