Friday, December 4, 2009

An award!

yay! I got my first blog award :) I am absolutely thankful to Ducks Like Tea who gave me two awards.

The first award, was a challenge in which i had to find 7 things in my room that were pink. At first i thought this would be easy.... but then i discovered that i don't have as many pink things as i thought i did.

number one. my pink teacup & saucer, which i really really cherish.

number two. the pink babushka doll from my set that i got at a cute shop called I Hate My Skirt at the Gold Coast.

number three. this lovely little owly that i made. It's kind of copied off someone elses of course, but im proud of it none the less. 

number four. My beutifully scented candles. I swear i could eat them....

number five. They are called kirigami, you do all this hectic cutting and the finished product looks something like that. They are all lined up along the tops of the walls in my room.

number six. My quilt and pillow cover. Thinking of getting a new one soon though.

number seven. My Little Pony.... with the pink hair :)

I hope you like the pictures i took, thought i'd try ti make them at least a little bit good.
And now for the second part of my award. I have to say 7 random facts about myself, and seven things im loving at the moment. I decided i would just do seven things im loving at the moment.

which are-
1. I'm loving being on holidays even if it means not doing anything at all. Just not being at school is good.
2. I'm loving blogging! There are so many inspirational people and blogs out there; i really can't get enough,
3. I am quite liking the book im reading at the moment, which is called The Luxe.
4. I loovveee pretty floral one piece bathing suits and am currently trying to find myself one. As well as a nice maxi dress.
5. Magazines! There are so many out at the moment- i wish i could buy them all...But i am happy for the moment as i managed to get my dad to buy me Peppermint today. YAY!
6. The show Glee. It's so cool, i think i am in love with the teacher on it. And they sing the most awesome songs.
7. Owl City. I don't see how anybody could not love this band. They are so unbelievably awesome!

So that's it :)
But now i am suppost to give the award to seven more blogs. I have come up with these lovely four-

oh and i have to change the colour so i change it to purple.
thankyou again! you are all wonderful people. XX


  1. good work my dear!
    haha the good old days of kirigami and its hectic cutting,
    i love the photo of ou and your darling teacups :D
    Pearl xo

  2. yaya i love babushka's...i have a pink set too!!

  3. awe you're cute. I remember my little pony...

  4. aw thanks for tagging me!

  5. Ooh, the cup and saucer are beautiful! I am about to read The Luxe, apparently it's very good.

  6. I love all the images you've posted :). Especially the teacup and saucer. I used to be obsessed with pretty little teacups!
    Oh I love Glee too. I think I'm addicted. Haha.
    Thanks for playing along :).

  7. loving th ecup and saucer... very english rose!

  8. Love the pic of the pony, and the little owly you made, it's so cute ♥

    and thanks a lot for taggin me!! I've already made that list cause I was given the same award a couple of weeks ago, but I will thank you in my blog ;)



thankyou for your lovely words, you all inspire me :) X