Thursday, December 3, 2009

Everything old,

Everyday the world evolves, into a place of new generations which in turn means new fashions, new technology, new lifestyles. And although i am pleased that these things come and go, sometimes i just wish i could travel back to the olden days. Preferably the late 1800's or the early 1900's. As i watched a movie last night and i read my book today, i discover and indulge into a world of trams or horse carriges, using manners and speaking appropriatley. And so i've made a list of everything old, that i want to embrace.

1. Old Books. The kind of ones that have language in it that i can't understand, but i try to read it anyway, and the ones that i can pick up and simply smell the mustiness and make me think about how far back the book actually dates.

2. Old Records and mixtapes. I don't know whether it's simply the old music that is on them, or the way they sound when they are played, but they make me smile.

3. Old fashion. The fashion, no one could forget the fashion. The 'dashing' dresses they wore to the balls and tight bodices, that kept them from breathing. Outstanding.

4. Old Mansions. With the marble poles and the curling steps leading up to second stories. With the parlours and the double kitchens.....

5. The elite. The ones that where called by their last names with a mrs or mr in front of it. They went to balls and did the waltz, and talked about who they were going to marry, and who was such a gentlemen and who wasn't. They had the personal servants and maids and new the right and wrong way to act....

So partway through this list i realised i can get any word and put old in front of it, that i love, but then the list would go on forever. But their is still the old plays, movies, carriges, photgraphs......

although i think you get my point.

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