Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gary Pepper,

Oh you do me no shame.

My latest love- Gary Pepper Vintage. These are just a few of my favourites from their latest collection. Truely, the clothes and the people behind the business are just so lovely and so sweet! I really cannot describe it to its justice. Please, just check them out here.

Also, dont forget to sign up for the art exchange project! I need 5 more people, so please leave a comment with your email, really it is amazing, send someone one piece of art and get 36 back... what could be better? Lots of Love, as per usual, B xox.


  1. Some great inspiration, Love that white lacy, dress/sweater/thing whatever it is, I love it.

  2. There's always so much lush stuff at Gary Pepper vintage! I'm already participating in the art exchange, so can't really help you out there (I've just rounded out my 6 people haha). Good luck with yours though! :)

  3. Big bow and black flame glasses are awesome!!

  4. Great style! The clothes are pretty!

  5. I love everything! Just oh so pretty! Your blog is so gorgeous darling! xx {am following & replied to your email also!}

  6. I love them all, especially the first one =]

  7. I love those clothes! The first dress is so cute, and the bowler hats are adorable! Can't believe you got to meet Lisa Mitchell!! I'm so jealous (he he, mind the pun)! I'm hoping after this tour she'll release a new album. I would've loved to participate in the art exchange but at the moment it really wouldn't be suitable, I hope you get your six people though! xx

  8. the photos on your blog are so enchanting!
    its quite a beautiful compilation rather!
    i really really want her big red bow!
    im so glad i dropped by!
    thanks for having me :)
    have fun being wonderful!

  9. Beautiful outfits! I love the lace sweater tunic and the giraffe print skirt!



thankyou for your lovely words, you all inspire me :) X