Sunday, April 4, 2010

Arty types part II,


Ahh, I swoon over artists like these, I really do. There work... its all just so magnificent. Sorry if these art posts bore you... I'm working up to do an outfit post, but knowing me, I have no idea whether that will happen or not. I hope everyone out there in the blogging community is well. Ooo-h, and mum mentioned to me this afternoon about going to bunnings to get stuff that I need for my room- paint etc, even though it's most likely just going to be white again, but still it is a start right? Also if you havn't already, make sure you check out my Tumblr. (:
Lots and lots of love, chocolate and bunny hugs,'
xxx B

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  1. Oh wow i havent seen any of these and i like them all! thats for sharing them.

    I love the idea of a fresh coat of paint but i always end up being stifled into boring cream as well


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