Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is a golden dawn where you’ll never be alone,

She was given up to the notion 
Of temperate seas and Novascotian winters 

And nights dreaming by the firelight 
A solitary life, adrift upon the North Atlantic Ocean 

Where she could find the time 
To let the good times roll 

For all those who know how it feels to be alone 
Were you thrown to the lions 

Skin and bone but not afraid of dying alone? 
An old friend on the telephone 

Still eyeing the prize of a solitary life 
Where you could find the time 

She was given to claims 
‘Bout the state making gains.

Lyrics- Hungry Kids Of Hungary, Good Times.
Photos- A friend of mine took, 
Model- Mwa!

How is everyone? I'm good... nearing the end of my school holidays which is sad though! These are some lovely pictures a close friend of mine took with me and my typewriter. My father found it at the local tip shop, and I got it for only $10! I love it.  Let me know what you have been up to...

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