Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Go Forth, Find Mammoth

Right now i am sitting on my bed, listening to the crickets chirp outside. it has been really hot here lately, which kinda sucks. I hate the heat, i don't cope to well in it. I'm more of a winter type girl. Sitting in front of the fire with a hot choccy all rugged up. That would definately be one of my favourite passtimes. I'm looking forward to school finishing for the year. I have two assignments and one test due on friday and then two other tests next week. but on next thursday afternoon i will very, very happy, when it is all over and i can just chill. Whats even more exciting is that I have Woodford folk festival to look forward too. Thanks to my lovelie friend jerri-lee, i'm able to go! It's going to be so much fun wearing gumboots and sloshing through the mud, eating hari krishna day in and day out, have tea in the chai tent, and most of all seeing the bands! How could i miss out on the likes of Lisa Mitchell, Whitley, Hungry Kids Of Hungary, John Butler Trio and the Middle East! Can you tell how excited i am?? haha.

how cute is whitley? I adore him :) (his latest album is called Go Forth, Find Mammoth.)
well i hope everyone else is having a good week.
talk to me!
XO. b

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