Saturday, May 1, 2010

The year without you has gone so slowly,

Dear Winter,
I know you are really only one month away, but could you be coming any slower?
I mean, I am really prepared for you, I have bought boots, skivvies, coats, scarfs and tights and keep trying to wear them but alas, it is still to hot.
I miss the warm fires you bring with the hot chocolate and marshmellows. I miss the hot water bottles and layers and layers of clothes and blankets stacked on me at bed time. I miss your long hot showers and your porridge (only with honey and sultanas of course).
I am even willing to put up with the cold toilet seats that you bring and freezing tap water.
If you please, please come soon.
Lots of Love,
P.S- If it is possible, could you make it snow here too? Thanks,


  1. i am waiting ever so patiently for winter to finally kick in so that i can wear the jacket i had shipped over from the UK... Mother Nature better hurry this process up :)

  2. haha cold toilet seats :) one day i will have a heated one. actaully no i won't. cold toilet seats make me a strong person :)
    Pearl xo

  3. Oh I understand now what you mean, and no no it's totally fine you don't have to send me anything hehe! I just remembered you are one of the art exchanges I did it with! But it's okay :) You really don't need to send me anything! I'm sure you'll find more people later on! But it was VERY nice of you to have offer me! You're very kind & lovely! I appreciate that! :)Have you received anything in the mail yet? :)

    How is your weekend? I'm about to get ready to go relax at a café! I need some rest, I'm so tired & I need a good long catch up talk with my boyfriend hehe! I should blog soon too! Which I will soon! x

  4. Awh that is so kind of you! :) Thank you! Well if you insist then of course! In that case I want to also send you something as well! ;) And you can't say no to that either! hehe!

    So email me if you need my details! I'll be needing yours too!

    I hope you had fun with your best friend! that sounds like fun! hehe! :)

    I'm currently ill right now, got the cold! :'( I hate getting sick! Been doing a lot of errands today out & about so that didn't help at all! But am drinking a lot of fluids & vitamins hehe!

    I'm making fresh homemade pasta right now with my Mumma bear! eep! looking forward to that! And trying to upload photos to my blog post!

    Hope your week is full of loveliness & smiles! And you are truly lovely yourself darl!

    P.S. I love Mumford & Sons too *points to your music list*, their songs make me smile! :{D

    Much love,

    - J. xx


thankyou for your lovely words, you all inspire me :) X