Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh she lives again,

I know I havn't really done a decent post lately, so i thought i'd do a good one for you today :)
Oh and happy new year!

A photographer I like,

Illustrations I like,

Books I would like to own,

My new years resolutions-
*Learn how to drive before my 17th in 2011
*Move into my brother's old room and make it look pretty.
(I want to show you before and after pictures)
*Go to Youth Group
*and make my blog better! (Somehow)

I can't wait to look back on this post next year and see what has changed!

Been working quite a bit lately, so it's really good to have a bit of extra cash. Oh and I'm going camping at Hervey Bay in about a week with my friend, which should be fun! Then I finally turn 16, YAY.

Also, make sure anybody in Australia gets their votes in for triple j's hottest one hundred!

Thankyou for everyones comments, you are all wonderful people.
Much love, B.


  1. I love the photo and the illustration! Her work is amazing. Good luck with keeping your resolutions, and I did vote on the hottest 100, for Lisa Mitchell :)

  2. those books are amazing! Happy new year!


  3. Ohhh I want those books as well. But I have a few of them already... in their non-pretty version. Can't justify doubling up just yet, haha.

    And as for voting in the hottest 100... done and done. Here's hoping I win the Golden Ticket!

    (and Happy New Year to you too)

  4. That photographer has so wonderful pics! :) And I'm excited to see how you change your brother's room ;)

    kisses dear, and happy 2010!

  5. I really really want those books. So pretty :)

  6. shoes in the kelly smith photo ah-mazing!

  7. i love the book pic! so colorful and inspiring.


thankyou for your lovely words, you all inspire me :) X